Beginner Surfing

On The Beach

  • The wetsuit – putting on and taking off
  • Leash Secured around the board, fin toward the body.
  • Leash attachment – under wetsuit, card pointing outward.
  • Warm up – 5 minute simple stretching


  • Attack & control; head up & board straight.
  • Turning board in waves -back towards waves.
  • Lying on the board (Prone) – showing correct trim.
  • Catching the wave – toboggan or paddling.
  • Riding the wave (prone) – all the way to beach: showing correct trim & control.


  • Wave
  • Stopping – slide to the side, holding rails.
  • Trimming – small adjustments to correct prone trim.
  • Awareness – look left & right whilst riding wave.


  • Bottom, fin, leash and rails.
  • Leash – why do we use a leash.
  • Flags – identifying swimming, surfing & red flag areas.
  • Signals – Understanding instructors signals.

Beach Safety & Rescue  

  • Responding to signals – show quick response and understanding of.
  • Distress signal – demonstration and when to use it.
  • Falling off – protecting your head, eyes, nose, mouth and ears.
  • Buddy system – teaming up & showing awareness.
  • Leaving water – inform instructor when you go and when you return.


  • Press up – on toes and hands for three seconds.
  • Sitting -face beach, sitting on board.
  • Airplane – prone position, with arms stretched outwards (wing dips).
  • Buddy Boarding – catch the same wave as buddy, at least board length apart.

Discussion Topic  

  • Outer Reef Surf Scheme - benefit of membership.
  • Outer Reef Surf Scheme – the next step.
  • Surfing terms – ‘Grommet’ and others.
  • Fitness – warm up exercise, 5 minutes routine.

Pembrokeshire Surf & Sup Centre

At Pembrokeshire and West Wales' Premier Surf & Sup (Stand up Paddle Boarding) School we offer a full range of surfing and SUP stand up paddle boarding lessons and equipment hire, from a half day tuition to week long courses, Kids' Clubs, surf camps and more.

The surf courses are run at:
Newgale, Broadhaven, Freshwater West, Stackpole & Manorbier.


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