Improving Techniques

To complete this level you will need to be on your feet most of the time.

You should feel happy going from prone to standing and have a good board control, including steering and trimming. There’s lots of freestyle, games and exercises to help progress your surfing. Don’t forget beach safety and theory. Concentrate on take-off technique – No knees please


On The Beach  

  • Carrying the board to the waters edge – 1 person carry.
  • Board control – walking out through surf, controlling board in surf, pointing nose into wind on beach.
  • Board care – appropriate handling to avoid damage.
  • Warm up – 5 minute routine of easy stretches.

Theory and Information

  • Simple emergency actions - what to do.
  • Water currents – basic introduction to rips.
  • Avoiding other water users – rights of way.
  • Care for the environment - basic rules.

Surfing Skills

  • Catching the wave - padding method.
  • Standing up – getting on the feet whilst riding wave, spring to feet or via knees.
  • Choosing a good wave – what to look for.
  • Riding the wave – standing all the way to beach, for at least 5 seconds.
  • Care of others – avoiding collisions and general awareness.

Beach Safety & Rescue

  • Quick response to signals from instructors.
  • Demonstrate the distress signal.
  • Falling off – action to protect head, shallow dive.
  • Buddy System – showing awareness of buddy.
  • Leaving water – action when leaving and joining group.

On The Wave

  • Stopping – stall/lean back, board to hand , jump to side, holding rail.
  • Awareness – looking left and right whilst riding wave in a standing position.
  • Pointing – leading arm pointing to nose, looking along wave line.


  • Knee riding – Catching waves, from prone to knees.
  • Hand drag – drag hands in water, standing position.
  • Sliding foot – slide front foot forward and back without stalling.
  • Hands behind back - for 3 seconds.
  • One hand on rail – crouch for three seconds.

Discussion Topic

  • Emergency procedures - telephone, location of emergency telephone, who to telephone and what to say.
  • Terminology – goofy & natural, board parts etc.
  • Outer Reef Surf Scheme – level three.
  • Warm ups – why? Injury prevention, improved flexibility and performance.

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