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Pembrokeshire Paddle Boarding School

Pembrokeshire Stand Up Paddle Boarding School

Flat Water SUP for beginners

First things first, at our SUP courses and trips in Pembrokeshire you first learn the basics of Stand Up Paddling in the flat water of the best Sup beach. Our instructors will show you the necessary balance exercises, the right stance and effective paddling.

Flat Water SUP for intermediates

As soon as you feel safe on the SUP, we will paddle together along the breathtaking cliffs and caves around Tenby and the surrounding area. The crystal clear stunningly blue water and cliffs offer a uniquely beautiful sight you will never forget.

Pembrokeshire Wave SUP for beginners

If you are already comfortable on the flat water the next step is Stand Up Paddle Surfing.
We will obviously start in small waves, showing you how to get over the waves, which waves to choose and finally how to ride it. We also surfer’s etiquette and safety measures are on the agenda of this course.


Modern SUP Boards
During the courses, we provide up-to-date equipment which makes you quickly enjoying the Stand Up Paddling trip in Pembrokeshire – even as a beginner!

Beautiful landscapes
We explore the stunningly beautiful and diversified coast of the coast! You can discover the breathtaking cliffs and caves close to Stackpole Quay.

Relaxed Atmosphere
Our SUP trips in the flat water are suitable for water sports beginners and as well for families with children who would like to enjoy the nature of the Pembrokeshire coastline.

Exciting Adventure
A lot of surfers who have ever tried out Stand Up Paddle surfing have a great pleasure and find it even more exciting than surfing! There is a reason for that – SUP gives you the possibility to surf longer even on smaller waves due to the larger boards.

Experienced instructors
You are taught by certified and skilled teachers who share your love for water and surfing.

Advanced SUP surfing in Pembrokeshire
Stand Up Paddling in the waves presents even well-tried surfers and water sportsmen with a challenge and provides a great alternative possibility to practice water sports.

At Pembrokeshire and West Wales' Premier Surf & Sup (Stand up Paddle Boarding) School we offer a full range of surfing and SUP stand up paddle boarding lessons and equipment hire, from a half day tuition to week long courses, Kids' Clubs, surf camps and more.

The surf courses are run at:
Newgale, Broadhaven, Freshwater West, Stackpole & Manorbier.


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